Playing with Penrose Tiles

I’ve been listening to Neil Stephenson’s audio book Anathem for the last couple weeks.  I’m really enjoying the book and it has some cool math and philosophy concepts.  One part of the book involves what is essentially an aperiodic tiling problem.  The version in the book used seven shapes to tile the plane.

The wikipedia page for Penrose tiles

has a set of two shapes that will tile in a non-repeating pattern but only if certain rules are followed for their construction.  The rules can be coded into the sides of the tiles making the shapes more complex.  I drew my version in qcad, imported into HeeksCAD and cut out some samples.  I left them laying out on the bench and my kids found them and started playing around.  I think I’ll cut a bunch more because their fun.

1 thought on “Playing with Penrose Tiles

  1. I love the idea of non-repeating tile patterns. If I ever end up with a tiling project (and I can get Patti to agree to it) I’ll be calling on you to cut some for me!

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