New Book is Finished!

For the last few months I’ve been working on a new FreeCAD book.  It’s finally finished available for sale on Amazon ($21) and Kobo ($17.99).

This book doesn’t try to cover everything in FreeCAD. Instead, it focuses on the the most commonly used tools and modeling techniques.  With a solid foundation, new users will be able to continue exploring the other workbenches and features.

Part 1 Introduces the application user interface and core concepts.

Part 2 takes the user through modeling five examples of increasing complexity.

Part 3 Shows the the basics of generating technical drawings, raytraced images, CNC gcode, and FEM analysis.


4 thoughts on “New Book is Finished!

  1. Hi Brad,
    I am new to FreeCAD and CNC. So I found this nice place here to start with.
    I know that this books is for version 0.17 but version 0.18 is coming out in awhile (I hope).
    I do not have time to spend monay and time learning 0.17 and then in one or two months 0.18 will come out and see many things that I have learned hard, to be done in an easier way. I know always will be a new version but now we are in a turning point (me starting now learning FreeCAD and new version is nearly ready)
    Same thing happened with KiCAD. l start ed learning V5 a few months before is was released but everybody was saying stick on Ver 4!
    I am willing to get the book but are you going to write for the 0.18 ? If yes I better prefer to wait and get the revised 0.18 book
    Thanks a lot for the beautiful videos

  2. V0.17 was a MAJOR change to the workflow related to Part Design. V0.18 has quite a few changes and improvements but they are incremental changes that won’t really change the book content. The development focus for v0.18 has been about getting ready for Python 3 and QT5. There are big changes but they’re mostly under the hood.

    It is my goal to revise the book for v0.18 but the core content won’t change. I’ll update the images to reflect any minor changes in UI but it won’t be an overhaul by any stretch.

  3. Thanks Sliptonic,
    I use V 0.18 now trying to learn from here and there (your videos too again and again) . But I need a good manual as a reference. So please when ready with revised images and any additional info may 0.18 has (eg assembly workbench) let me know so to buy the revised one (PDF version).
    Just send ma an email.
    Thanks a lot for your contribution
    Happy New Year

  4. Just finished to read the book. Very well done. I got many new ideas in using Freecad in a more power way.
    Thanks a lot for your effort in sharing knowledge.
    Just one suggestion: revise images so that they could be better read on Kindle and Kobo (that are b/w).

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