Laser Rebuild – Part 4 (laser mounting)

Since I’m replacing the RF tube with a Chinese glass tube, I’ll have to fabricate the mounting brackets.  The buildlog 2.0 laser uses plastic brackets cut out of HDPE on a CNC router.  I’ve cut HDPE before and it’s great stuff to work with on the router and I even have enough left over from an earlier project.

I started by mounting two pieces of 1/8″ aluminum square tube to the existing mounting holes on the frame of the laser.  This will give a nice solid base to attach the brackets to.  It also has clearance behind for routing wires and enough room to turn the bottom adjusting screw.


I got pretty lucky here.  I took some careful measurements with a digital caliper and found that with this arrangement of support structures, the stock buildlog brackets work almost perfectly unmodified.  In fact, I could have used them just be adding a single #10 washer between the bracket and the square tube.  Since I’m cutting my own, I made the small change to the design in HeeksCAD and routed them out.




Drilling the mounting holes on the mill.


Tapping the square-tube rails




This is looking down the ‘bore’ of the brackets.  Using my specially calibrated eye-crometer I’d say the alignment looks pretty good!


Now to test fit the tube.  I get nervous every time I unwrap this thing.  It looks, and probably is, crazy delicate.  My plan is to build a metal shroud that will wrap around the tube and keep it from getting whacked.

Test fitting the tube:


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