Fun with Mazes (part 1).

I stumbled across a very interesting project called Theseus which is a maze generator library.  It has some impressive algorithms for generating mazes of various sizes.  The focus, however, is to produce a graphic which means drawing the walls.   I thought it would be interesting to generate a maze to be routed out on a CNC router and that would mean I’d need lines that define the centerline of the passages where the router bit will travel.

The developer is a great guy and he offered to take a look at modifying Theseus to produce .dxf files!  In the meantime we started trading emails and discussing a 3d cube maze where the passages turn corners from face to face.  He got Theseus to produce such a maze (unfolded) like this.


I took the top section, worked it through HeeksCAD to produce something printable.

Here’s the first attempt:

1 thought on “Fun with Mazes (part 1).

  1. Yes, that’s cool. You’ll have to show me one of these when you get the whole cube printed.

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