FreeCAD WebGL Export.

This is still early but it’s too cool not to share.  Yorik has added a WebGL exporter to the FreeCAD arch module (but it seems to work everywhere in FreeCAD)

Open a model in FreeCAD and select the objects in the tree

Select objects in the tree


Export the objects (File -> Export) and select WebGL




Save the file and open it in a browser:  WebGL export (will open in a new window)

(The default view is zoomed up close but clicking and dragging with the mouse buttons will zoom/pan/rotate the object.  There’s still plenty to be done with materials and lighting but being able to share FreeCAD models through a browser is very cool.)

1 thought on “FreeCAD WebGL Export.

  1. Awesome!
    This is really cool!
    Maybe with these we can one day create something and just upload to something like thingerverse(or freecadland? XD IDK..)

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