FreeCAD version 0.17 Released!

It’s been just over two years since version 0.16 released and work on 0.17 started. This new release has many great new features.

For me, of course, the most important is the completely overhauled Path (CAM) workbench.  I’ve had the privilege of working on this with some outstanding developers (who also happen to be really nice people).  Here’s a feature reel full of eye-candy.

2 thoughts on “FreeCAD version 0.17 Released!

  1. Hi,
    I have discovered the FreeCad recently and I would like to use it mainly to create nc code (g code) to control small (home) CNC machines.
    I have found this great tutorial. As I am new at FreeCad, I have installed the 0,16 version.
    I have no problems with creating simple objects in Part Design or creating the drawing.
    But two days ago I have installed the FreeCad version 0,17. I cannot modify the object created in Sketcher and switch into Part Design (in the 0,16 version it is OK) and there is a note:
    “In order to use PartDesign you need an active Body object in the Document. Please make one active(double click) or create one.

    If you have a legacy document with PartDesign object without Body use the transfer function in PartDesign to put them into a Body.”
    Can you help with the solution?
    Another question: is it possible to change the sequence in Path, e.g. for drilling the holes?
    Thank you.

  2. I don’t know too much about the Part Design migration tools. The few times I’ve used them, they worked without a hitch. Post to the forum and attach your model, if you can, for help migrating.

    You can’t re-order the hole drilling sequence at present but there’s a fix in process for that in the v0.18 development branch. I hope to see it merged into v0.18 in the next few weeks.
    Reordering drilling operations (groups of holes) however is possible.

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