FreeCAD hidden gems – setting colors for individual faces.

This is one I’m documenting here because it’s come up twice on the #freecad channel and because I keep forgetting it myself.

FreeCAD has a bunch of different ways to change the appearance of solids.

You could change the properties on the objects view tab:


You could use the appearance… tool from the object context menu


You could use the random color button from the object context menu


You could use the appearance… tool from the view menu (this is the same as the context menu.  Why it’s in ‘view’ and not ‘edit’ I’ll never understand.


You could use the random color item from the view menu (see above)


There’s at least one more that’s different than all the rest.  If you select the object and right click over the tree (not the 3D window, but the object tree) you get a menu item called set colors…



This one opens a task panel.  With the task panel open, you can Ctrl-click individual faces in the object and then set different colors for them.






4 thoughts on “FreeCAD hidden gems – setting colors for individual faces.

  1. Brad,
    Thanks v much for FreeCAD color info-
    I’m a FreeCAD beginner, searched online for months with no success
    I needed the coloring v badly to develop some teaching or demo templates step by step for my self and others- So that I could hide/ show toggle for better illustrations

    Need to do that for planes too with axes arrows shown at the edges of plane, and allow rotation plane to rotate for dynamic section cuts— any help on this would be greatly appreciated
    Would like to learn how to dvlp Python scripts for customized GUIs specific to the geometry based on script.
    Is there way to apply transparency for individual face ? then the Sketches geometry face (opaque) could be clearly visible through the rest of transparent solid-
    I wish I had someone like you to get help in FreeCAD – could have quantum leap in getting my cosmic designs done
    Wish You A Happy New Year With Endless Prosperity Joy and Peace– kanil

  2. Brad,
    Another item I badly need in FreeCAD is, to show the axis system drawn at the corner of a plane
    See image shown on Part Plane
    Is there a way to manipulate the axis system on the object itself – this is v important in visualization
    so that Global & local axis system could be shown on solids and toggle when required– also if its color could be changed its a bonus for the new year


  3. Sorry I’m so late in replying. My webserver stopped notifying me of new messages.
    Coincidentally, individual face transparency was added as a feature yesterday. It’s only in the v0.17 master branch and not the 0.16 stable, but you can get it with the daily builds.

  4. I’m not sure entirely what you mean about manipulating the axis system on the object. Are you talking about moving the datum around or changing the position of a part relative to something else? This is another area that’s seeing massive changes in the new Part Design rework.

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