Cutting the cube.

I designed a nested cube in HeeksCAD and thought it would be cool to try casting it.  First step is to cut a foam version of it.

Since my router is only a 3 axis machine, I can only do the pocketing operations on one side at a time.

With the pocket operations, it looks something like this:

The interesting challenge here is to find a way to hold the cube in a repeatable position so that I can perform the same set of operations on all six sides.

I was afraid that if I used double-face tape, the cube would be too fragile by the last face to easily remove it from the table.

The solution I came up with was to build a jig out of other pieces of foam taped to the table.  The jig is deep enough to hold the cube securely.  It’s also tight enough to give a repeatable position.

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