Giving Lenny a Job

I made a pen-holder to attach to the SCARA robot Z-axis shaft and used it to draw some hilbert curves. The python script to generate the gcode is pretty easy and I’ve put it in a github repository

Digging Deep into TechDraw

FreeCAD’s excellent TechDraw workbench is for producing Technical drawings – 2D representations of 3D parts.  I’ve used some of its features but recently started learning it better.  I’m putting what I learned into a series of tutorial videos and part one is finished.

Lenny the big dumb bot.

A couple years ago I bought an old IBM 7575 scara robot at a surplus auction. The mechanicals are really nice but the control was completely absent.  I started a conversion using a Mesa card and Machinekit.  I have no serious plans for this but wanted to learn ROS and maybe more about the FreeCAD…

FreeCAD version 0.17 Released!

It’s been just over two years since version 0.16 released and work on 0.17 started. This new release has many great new features. For me, of course, the most important is the completely overhauled Path (CAM) workbench.  I’ve had the privilege of working on this with some outstanding developers (who also happen to be really…

Using FreeCAD to engrave on a rotary axis.

FreeCAD Path doesn’t have a 4th Axis operation (yet) but certain kinds of things should still be possible. For example, engraving or pocketing on a cylindrical surface. I’ve seen other software, both open-source and commercial, that allow the user to map a linear axis to a rotary axis. I decided to try writing a ‘Dressup’…