Arrow of Light – Finished!

The Arrow of Light is the highest rank achieved in the BSA Cub Scout Program.  It’s usually earned by boys in the 5th grade.  Our pack had 9 boys earn the award this year.  Most of them went ahead and crossed over to the troop to become Boy Scouts.

It’s tradition to award a “career arrow” to signify the accomplishment.  Sometimes the arrows are put on a wood plaque or are decorated in another way.   I did a lot of hunting but never found a design I really liked so I took a bunch of ideas from and merged what I liked from each.  The final plaque was cut from 1 inch red oak and finished with a mahogany stain.  The arrows were 5/16″ pine dowel striped and stained to look primitive and then fletched and pointed.   The fletching is a cherokee two feather style.   The points are reproductions.  I found a great deal on ebay.  The overall plaque and arrow design mimics the Arrow of light insignia, shown above.  I’ve been told the design is based on a petroglyph in the painted desert national park.  Here’s my earlier posts on this project.  Click the pictures for a larger version.

4 thoughts on “Arrow of Light – Finished!

  1. These plaques are fantastic! I too am on the hunt for my 6 boys and am sorely disappointed by the selection. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to make them myself and I’m pretty sure my husband would tell me to just buy them and get over it. The ones I like are really expensive and I’m sure my co-leader will shoot down 🙂 Anyhow just wanted to say how cool it is that you were able to make these original plaques for your boys I hope they appreciated it.

  2. This design is really, really cool! I just got a hobby CNC router and will use this as a model for some future awards! I was also thinking of doing inlays where there are now cutouts between the sun rays. Keep up the awesome sauce!

  3. The inlay is a really good idea. One of the biggest challenges with the current design is the tool marks that are left after pocketing the cutouts. I’ve tried a bunch of different things but it still ends up being a lot of hand sanding. Inlays would solve that problem. Great idea!!

  4. just an fyi
    it’s not painted desert national park, but petrified forest national park in arizona.

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