Arrow of Light plaque.

My son is moving from cub scouts to Boy Scouts this year. He’s earned his Arrow of Light which is the highest rank in Cub Scouts. I’m working on a design for the plaques we’ll give out at the end of year ceremony.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that my router table isn’t flat enough to do engraving well. I’m not sure how I’ll fix this yet.


3 thoughts on “Arrow of Light plaque.

  1. Dan,
    although the profile and pocket operations don’t allow an XZ or YZ plane rotation, the Contour operation does. If you use the vector fonts from QCAD and/or Hershey, you can probe the table’s tilt and engrave using a Contour operation on the text (convert text to sketch of course). This should workaround the table’s tilt.
    David Nicholls

  2. Of course, this would have had a better impact if I’d got your name right. Sorry about that Brad.

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