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Keeping Good Company – Part 2


A couple years ago I was flattered to learn that one of my projects was referenced in a TED talk by the guy that invented the Arduino.  Today I learned that one of my designs has been incorporated into spray painting drone by the artist/vandal KATSU.  The project is fully detailed on the Icarus One website in case you want to build one and make your own social commentary.  KATSU is controversial and I'm not sure how I feel about his work but I think it's cool (and surreal) to see my designs remixed and extended like this.


FreeCAD is becoming my favorite modeling tool

It's taken a while to get used to the interface and there's still plenty of bugs to work around but the FreeCAD project is really moving along nicely.  The sketcher makes designing parts like the ones below really simple.   I learn things better with an actual project rather than just trying to copy tutorials so I launched into this silly thing: