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Pinewood Lowrider

I've built some fast pinewood derby cars in the past but this year was just about looking good.  I've always loved the way those lowriders bounce and thought it would be cool to make a derby car do that.  Here's my version.  A few more pictures and build details after the jump.


I’m now, officially, “Hard To Live With”

The September 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics has their annual "Backyard Genius" feature.  This year, my Bad Idea Pinewood Derby Car made the cut.   Although I've been telling my wife for years that I'm a genius, she's still not buying it.  Now, at last, we have proof.  I'm sure that my days of emptying the trash, doing the dishes, and other un-genius tasks are behind me.


Deathtrap joins the collection

I finally got some pictures of my son's derby car for his Bear den entry.

Deathtrap closed

Deathtrap open with dearly departed gummy skeleton

This year we built a casket on wheels.  Both parts of the lid are hinged and it carries a 'Gummy' skeleton as a rider. Obviously he had adult help on this design.  The main parts were cut out on the CNC router.  But you might be surprised how much he did himself:

  • Sanding (They say sanding builds character )
  • soldering the rails together with the torch (close supervision)
  • Staining and sealing
  • polishing axles.
  • Shaping, sanding, lubing wheels.
  • Testing weight.

The final assembly and alignment we worked on together.

Ross also enjoyed correcting adults who referred to this as a coffin.

It's fun to see the boys progress from doing very little as tigers to doing almost everything as Webelos.   Our shelves are really filling up with some cool cars and 'Deathtrap' joins a distinctive collection.

Pictures of the other cars after the jump.


Bad Idea

It's Pinewood Derby season again and I kinda enjoy making derby cars.  This year, my youngest son and I made an awesome car for his bear den division.  It came out great and I'll do a blog post on that one as soon as I get some good pictures.

We also have an 'open' class where the rules are a little more relaxed.  Last year's car was fast and I actually won but not because I was the fastest. I was really impressed by a c02 powered car that another dad had made.  He had trouble keeping it on the track, but it was REALLY fast.

This year, I decided to follow his lead but with more power.  I designed this motor to be printable on a 3d printer like a reprap or makerbot.  All the files have been released on Thingiverse.


Steampunk Blowfish

Here's my entry for the "open class" at my son's pinewood derby.  It turns out you only have to get your nose across the finish line to win.


Pinewood Derby Time

My son wanted a skateboard for his pinewood derby car this year. We designed in qcad and cut it on the router all in 1 day. Not too shabby.


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HeeksCAR – A pinewood derby car designed in HeeksCAD

Our local cubscout pack has an "open" class meaning Dad's, siblings, Mom's or others are welcome to participate.  I helped my boys build their cars and then built mine.  My goal was to design the whole thing in CAD and machine it on my router.  I ended up using the pocket operation to cut a recess in the bottom to accept the weight and a zigzag operation to cut the basic shape.