The Hell Ya Beller Fun with hot, pointy, sharp, and caustic stuff.


Not much to look at.

The screenshot below doesn't look like much but represents way too much work.

I recently finished my probe.  Here's a shot of it mounted on the router

After getting the probe to work.  I ran gridprobe.ngc from the example files that come with emc2.  The file can be edited to control the range of the scan and the size of each incremental step.   I set up the file to probe the surface of the router at 1 inch increments in both the X and Y direction.  The output of the scan is a list of XYZ coordinates in an ASCII file.

This Guy has a couple scripts for blender that are very handy.  One imports a CSV file and the other 'skins' the resulting point cloud by creating faces for the vertices.

The output from the scan had to be edited into a CSV but that was easy.  After experimenting with the settings for the skinning script I had a mesh which I exported to an .STL file and brought into HeeksCAD.  Voila.  A perfect scan of an almost flat surface.

Next up:  Try it with something more interesting.


Playing with the new and improved zigzag operation in HeeksCNC

Dan Heeks has recently rewritten the zigzag operation of HeeksCNC to use the opencamlib library instead of pycam. This is a huge improvement in speed. Just messing around, I designed this spider in blender and exported the .STL file. I went ahead and cut it on the router in blue styrofoam.



Here's the stl file if you're interested.