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New Project – foundry 2.0

My old foundry, a gingery style charcoal burner, showed me how much I like casting aluminum. However, it's messy, burns a lot of charcoal, and the lid was breaking down. So I'm going to build a new one. This time I'm going to build a propane burner and spend a bit more time to make it a more permanent tool in my arsenal. I'm basing my design around a foundry built by 'Splint' on CNCzone. The first pic is what's left of foundry 1.0.


I found this old propane tank lying in a neighbor's ditch and she gave it to me. I cut it down to size based on a 3 inch wall and a crucible no bigger than 6 inches in diameter.




Meet Al.

I saw a styrofoam skull on sale at Walmart and thought it might cast well in aluminum.  I had to hollow it out because my crucible wouldn't hold a big enough melt to do the whole thing.  I still ran short which is why it look like the top of his skull was removed.  I think the final result is pretty cool though.


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